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Mulit-Use Vehicles (including Golf Carts & "Side-by-Sides")

For the past several years, the Village of Fort Recovery has authorized the use of golf carts and “side-by-sides” (e.g., Rangers, Razors, Gators) on Village streets. Due to the enactment of a new Ohio law, the Village was required to change its local laws, as well as the inspection program for such vehicles.

Below is a snapshot of the Village’s new laws.

  • In addition to golf carts and side-by-sides, mini-trucks are now permitted on Village streets. The Village collectively refers to these three categories of vehicles as “Multi-Use Vehicles.”
  • Multi-Use Vehicles may be driven on Village streets where the speed limit is 35 mph or less.
  • Out-of-state Multi-Use Vehicles are no longer permitted on Village Streets.
  • Regardless of whether your Multi-Use Vehicle is newly purchased, or was previously inspected by FRPD or another law enforcement agency, your vehicle must be inspected/reinspected by FRPD.



Newly purchased


Previously inspected by a law enforcement agency other than FRPD


Previously inspected by FRPD


  • You must call FRPD at (419) 375-2662 to schedule an inspection/reinspection of your Multi-Use Vehicle.
  • If your Multi-Use Vehicle passes inspection/reinspection, you will be issued an inspection sticker that must be placed on the lower right side (driver side) of the windshield.
  • ​You must operate your Multi-Use Vehicle at all times in accordance with applicable State and local traffic laws.
  • Failure to comply with the Village’s laws for Multi-Use Vehicles may result in a fine of at least $100 per day of non-compliance.

Multi-Use Vehicle Information Packet & Ordinance

(i.e Under Speed Vehicles, Utility Vehicles, Mini-Trucks, & Golf Carts)

Public Notice

The Village of Fort Recovery has prepared a list of estimated assessments for sidewalks and curbing for those owning property along William Street.

The list is on file with the Clerk of Council and is available for inspection at the Village’s Administrative Office during normal business hours.

For more information, please contact Roberta Staugler, 201 S. Main St., Fort Recovery, Ohio 45846;; (419) 375-2530.

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