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Village of Fort Recovery

Income Tax Department

Amanda Wyerick, Tax Administrator

201 S Main Street | PO Box 459

Fort Recovery, OH 45846-0459

(419)375-4580 - Phone

(419)375-4709 - Fax

Interest Rate

2016 - 5% per annum (0.42%/month)

2017 - 6% per annum (0.50%/month)

*The interest rate is calculated using the federal short-term rate rounded to the nearest whole percent plus five percent and is published by October 31st of each year for the calendar year following when the federal short-term rate is determined.

(Source: ORC 718.27)

General Filling Information:

Municipal income tax is paid first to the city where work is performed or income is earned. Taxpayers may also have an additional tax liability to their city of residence based on how much credit the home city allows for taxes paid to where you work or earn your income.

Do I need to file?

You only need to file if any of the following apply:

1.) You filed and paid the previous tax year. A final return is required to inactivate a tax account if you are no longer required to file.

2.) You are a resident of Fort Recovery and are not exempt from paying the tax. If you are exempt because you are under the age of 18 or only received pension income or military pay, please contact our office and request a filing exemption.

3.) You earned income in Fort Recovery and was not fully/correctly withheld. (Multiply the largest wage figure shown on your W2 in Box 5 or 18 by 1%. If the withholding is correct, your result should equal the withholding shown in Box 19 of your W2.

4.) You are a resident of Fort Recovery and engaged in a business or profession, including rental real estate, whether the business showed a profit or a loss.

5.) You are a resident of Fort Recovery and your credit for taxes paid to your city of employement (or Indiana County of employement) does not equal the tax due to Fort Recovery.

6.) You were not a resident of Fort Recovery but you engaged in a business or profession in Fort Recovery whether the business showed a profit or loss.

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